Who is this for?

This programme responds to the Wachter review’s call to support and develop Chief Clinical Informatics Officers, but you don’t necessarily need to be a CCIO to apply; we would very much welcome applications from CIOs who have experience of working in informatics to share with their clinical colleagues. We view the ‘Clinical’ in CCIO as not just meaning medics, but also including AHPs, nurses and other professionals who are taking a leadership role in Clinical Informatics. The success of this programme is built upon the need to build together a strong Community of Practice of informatics leaders.

Self Directed Learning

Healthcare Digital Leaders is a self directed learning programme that is co-designed with participants. Our first challenge will be to work with participants and partners to help you explore your strengths and learning needs and to co-design a programme that provides challenge, inspiration and support and has real impact on you as a leader. We believe that to develop as a leader is to develop as a human and that is the space we will be helping you to explore.

This co-production will enable us to fine tune our programme of Workshops and master classes


We believe in the power of coaching to accelerate leadership development and a core element of Healthcare Digital Leaders are the individual coaching sessions that thread through the entire programme. We have extensive experience of coaching leaders and helping them to make the most of their development opportunities.

Action Learning

Action learning is a powerful development tool that enables you to take charge of your own learning. In our experience it is consistently rated one of the most effective means of supporting individuals to learn positive challenge, active listening and supportive development amongst leaders.

This isn’t a new fad, here is some wisdom from 1984 from Reg Revans, who is often called the Father of Action Learning.

Development Towards Masters

Lancaster University offer a unique opportunity to accredit learning from the programme towards a Masters in Clinical Leadership Development. Applicants need to demonstrate that their learning from the programme has been at masters level by the production of a reflective learning account with evidence of specific elements of the Healthcare Digital Leaders programme. This learning account will be formally assessed to decide on how many masters credits it will attract. Applicants can then use these credits to access a formal masters qualification.