The Healthcare Digital Leaders Programme is the first of its kind. It aims to provide development for those leaders working in Informatics who are the agents of change and innovation around healthcare. The Wachter Review is very clear that the role of the informatician needs to develop significantly:

“A successful digital strategy must be multifaceted, and requires workforce development The Advisory Group was struck by the small number of leaders at most trusts who are trained in both clinical care and informatics, and their limited budgetary authority and organisational clout. This deficit, along with a general lack of workforce capacity amongst both clinician and non-clinician informatics professionals, needs to be remedied.”

Wachter is a huge advocate of the relatively new role of CCIO-the bridge between informatics and the clinical workforce. This programme will provide a forum for CCIOs and CIOs to have action-based conversations about how they can successfully work together.

Originally commissioned by the North West Skills Development Network This programme is designed to help you to explore your role, who you are as a leader, who you want and need to be, to discover your strengths and to identify the areas that are most important to you to work on. It provides the challenge for you to develop your own learning agenda (in, alongside and beyond the programme) and it provides a space to develop and run learning experiments that will lead to new learning and new behaviours.